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It was only when I was back on the narrow, somehow familiar streets in Tokyo that I realised how much I’ve missed being here. After so many hours in the air I really feel like I am floating and as the road keeps winding down I keep my pace slow so I can admire the silent houses gently illuminated, so special in their own miniaturistic way. It almost looks like the plants are communicating with each other from one house to another. Even the tanuki (raccoon) statues seemed to welcome me back into the magical scenery and it feels like I haven't been gone a day.

Now that the night has settled in, this particular neighbourhood is quiet. Somewhere in the distance I can hear faint sounds of what reminds me of the Japanese traditional drums (taiko 太鼓). It is quite uplifting and I feel energized by my own imagination coming alive up with every beat evaporated in the air. Once in a while I would pass a cyclist humming a passionate song...

All these sounds combined with the delicious scent of spring flowers streaming from every possible angle just makes me feel like I'm home. What a strange world.

And so the tour begins tomorrow with my gig in Tokyo @ “All in Fun”. I’ll also be playing a jazz number with the lovely Bini Cocotte…


Lizabett Russo

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