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A New Adventure - Sound of the village

Last summer I traveled through some Romanian villages and fulfilled one of my older dreams. I talked with amazing elders, listened to their stories and their songs. I immersed myself into the beauty and serenity of the countryside, the simplicity of their lives and pondered on what it really means to live. Even now when I listen to the recordings I have made of the sounds of the villages, my heart feels immediately transported to those places and I feel better. In the middle of the winter my heart is craving the songs of the summer birds, the buzzing of the bees and the soundtrack of the trees and grasses being warmed up by the sun.

As part of my new project, I will record and release some of these songs. First, I will start by sharing with you a little playlist with the sounds of the villages. I hope these sounds will soak into you and give you some comfort this winter. Keep an eye on this blog as I will also share some snippets of my conversations with these lovely people where they share some of their wisdom. 


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