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Earthquake Simulator

After the ‘small’ earthquake (5.3 magnitude) on Saturday morning I have started to develop quite an interest in this phenomenon. With google by my side I’ve done some research to learn more about earthquakes and their history in Japan (quite long). Then, by sheer luck I’ve discover the Life Safety Learning Center in Ikebukuro in Tokyo where I got to experience something similar to the Tohoku Earthquake (2011), which was one of the biggest earthquakes in the world.

9.0 magnitude. 9.0!!!

According to Wikipedia, Tohoku earthquake is the fourth most powerful earthquake in the world since modern record-keeping began in 1900.

So basically they put you in this simulation room and when the earthquake starts you have to hide under the table and hold on for dear life. The floor was shaking so hard that I was struggling to hold on to the table. My muscles were incredibly tense throughout the whole process.

Conclusions: Nature is powerful. Don’t mess with it.

If you are ever around in Tokyo I totally recommend trying out this experience.

As part of the tour we also practised fire prevention and fire fighting techniques. Pretty handy lessons…you never know.

You can find info about the center here:

Illustration by Jon Carling

Sneak peek from the simulation room...

'till next time.

Take care.

Lizabett R.

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