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Tokyo is fun. However, I crave to go away from the big city as soon as possible. I want to see the countryside. I want to wonder around in the autumn fields. Do all countryside look the same? What’s different? Maybe the thought in my mind that you are actually in a foreign country, part of a different culture…far away from whatever feels like home. It’s a strange feeling. Lately everywhere and nowhere feels like home…

Forever moving around through spinning time zones, through changing winds.

No wonder I have so many songs with the word home in them. It’s all an illusion…

I don’t know what’s happening with/in this world anymore. The history repeats itself over and over again. People don’t change that easily.

The burden of delusive ideologies weights heavy on our skulls.

Facts are never as they seem to be.

Presentation over elucidation.

The sound of crushing bones and screaming-

A perpetual atmosphere.

Forever trapped in the cocoon of suffering and grief.

We are all lost…some of us more than others.

The world is mad.


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